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Welcome to www.PewPewBang.com owned and operated by TT Armory LLC! 

How purchasing a firearm online works:
1. Choose and contact a local receiving FFL that you would like your firearm shipped to, please note they often charge a fee for this service.  They will need to send us a copy of their FFL before we can ship the firearm(s).
2. Browse our catalog and add firearm(s) to your cart.
3. Go through checkout and be sure to note your receiving FFL name and phone number in the comments box.
4. We will ship your firearm(s) to your receiving FFL with tracking and signature required.
5. Once your firearm(s) arrive at the receiving FFL you will be able to complete the required 4473 Firearms Transaction Record.
6. Finally, get out and train! Enjoy your new firearm and get some practice in.
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